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Holding A Pose Underwater


Underwater modeling looks beautiful, elegant and graceful. To hold a pose underwater is difficult for most models. To change the poses underwater is even more challenging. Very few are naturals at posing underwater. Learning how to pose underwater can be done with the right direction and practice.

When you are preparing for an underwater photoshoot, you should make sure that you practice holding your breath with a calm, relaxed face. You should also practice letting out air a little at a time through your nose or mouth (that's up to you). Vision in your mind the type of poses that you desire to accomplish underwater. Study other models and the poses that they did. Be realistic with yourself, if a model that you are studying can bend her back and you can't, then do not tell yourself that you will be able to do it underwater. Only study and practice the poses that you know you will feel comfortable doing. You do not want to waste the photographers time. 

Do not worry if you did not accomplish all the poses that you thought you could. You can book another underwater photoshoot. Underwater modeling is an ever, evolving lesson every time you go in the water. Enjoy your time and your experience.

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