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Modeling With An Aerial Hoop Underwater

Underwater Aerial Photography by Mary Beteta

Models Make It Look Easy

Modeling with an aerial hoop underwater creates beautiful imagery that captures the viewers attention. Though this looks graceful it is quite a challenge. Even if the model is an aerialist on dry-land how buoyant they are underwater can cause complications on holding a pose and looking graceful while modeling underwater.

Understanding how to work with an aerial hoop will be a big help underwater, due to the fact that if the hoop is not weighted, it will float. It is imperative that the model and photographer work together to capture the shots. The photographer should let the model know what looks good and give ideas on what will look better. 

There are many takes when doing an underwater photoshoot. If you are going to be the model in the underwater shoot my advise is, study your poses before you do the underwater photoshoot. Get a good nights rest, stretch before you go in the water and do breathing exercises to get your lungs prepared for breath holding. Keep a positive attitude and with that you will get the shots desired.

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