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Underwater photographer - Mary Beteta

You probably know that art has the ability to entice and attract customers when strategically placed. However, are you aware that this effect goes beyond just the aesthetic value, and into psychological aspects? That it is simply a matter of situating the right kind of art at an optimum location in order to gain more traffic and have guests fall in love?

My name is Mary Beteta, and I am an underwater photography digital artist. My work includes new, never-seen-before content that features underwater themes ranging from pole dancing and skateboarding to music and dance as well as makeup and fashion. What drives me most is my undeniable passion to inspire new perspectives on how people view themes that are shot underwater that are only perceived to be capable, and possible, on dry land. I believe that my digital prints will be a welcome addition to your décor and infuse your space with creativity, versatility, and the promise of endless possibilities.

Be it in their room, the path leading into the lobby, or the hallway that leads to the pool, together, let us create a new visual experience for your guests.